//Sciencewise learning webinar

Sciencewise learning webinar

In April 2022 Sciencewise held a webinar: Public Dialogue and the Policy Cycle – a learning webinar from UKRI’s Sciencewise Programme.

Attendees were able to hear from four dialogue commissioners:

Taking flight – Public dialogue to inform early stage research and innovation: Professor Fern Elsdon-Baker, Future Flight Challenge Research Director / Director Research Institute for STEMM in Culture & Society

It’s in our DNA – Public dialogue to inform emerging technology in healthcare programme rollout: Whole genome screening for newborn screening, Simon Wilde, Engagement Director, Genomics England

Capture and store – Public dialogue to explore policy implementation choices: Jonathan Baker-Brian, Head of Power CCUS Deployment

Location, Location, Location – Public Dialogue to shape the ethical use of location data: Gathering evidence on public perceptions about location data use. Callum Adams, Geospatial Commission, Cabinet Office

To watch the webinar, simply click the play icon in the image above or go to the Sciencewise youtube channel.