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Apply for funding

The Sciencewise programme co-funds government bodies to enable them to commission public dialogue activities on policy involving science and emerging technology.

Eligibility criteria

Funding is available for projects that fall within the following eligibility criteria (although meeting the criteria does not guarantee funding):

Who? Funding can be given to government departments, as well as government agencies and executive non-departmental public bodies.

What? Funding can be given for projects that carry out public dialogue to inform policy making involving science and emerging technology. There must be a clear policy ‘hook’, a clear policy-owning department and a clear mechanism to inform policy.

How? The project dialogue must comply with the Government’s Approach to Public Dialogue on Science and Technology – Sciencewise Guiding Principles.

How much? Sciencewise grants are given on a co-funding basis (up to 50%) for projects relating to emerging areas of science and technology. The balance of the total project costs is expected to be provided by the government department or agency and other stakeholders as appropriate. There must be a contribution (financial and in-kind) from the government body of at least 50% of the total project cost.

How to apply for funding

The first step is to contact the Sciencewise programme to discuss your project idea or the policy area you think might benefit from dialogue.  We welcome early conversations, to scope the potential project and explore whether it is likely to be eligible for funding.

Please call us on 02037454334 or email us at [email protected]

If the project seems to fit our criteria, we will guide you through the process for producing and submitting a business case for funding.

For further details on the funding process, download Guidance on how to apply for funding.

“I think it is a very small amount of money if what we asked for is done. Because they are acting on what the public want, this whole thing should save the Government money in the long run.”
Public participant, on Your Health, Your Care, Your Say