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Expert advice and guidance

We provide expert advice and support to the lead government body during the design, commissioning and delivery of dialogue projects.

When we support you

We provide one-to-one support to the lead government body during each stage of the project.

We help you to scope the project, which includes exploring together whether public dialogue will support more effective policy making.

We support you in the development of a business case which is submitted to BEIS and UKRI for funding approval.

To find out more about applying for funding, see here.

We guide you through the formation of a project oversight group comprising stakeholders with an interest in the topics addressed in your project.

We guide you through the tendering process for appointing dialogue delivery and evaluation contractors using the Sciencewise programme framework. The framework is overseen by UKRI and BEIS, and managed by UKSBS.

  • An experienced dialogue delivery contractor will be commissioned to design, manage and run a Sciencewise c0-funded project.
  • An evaluator will be appointed to provide an independent perspective on the project as a whole.

Once contractors have been appointed, we monitor the project and continue to provide support and guidance at key stages during the delivery of the project.

We are always there as a sounding board for the commissioning body and those delivering and evaluating the project.

At the end of the project, we help you to disseminate the results by preparing a case study and including your project in the projects library section of this website.

At least 6 months after project completion, we interview key stakeholders to assess the impact of the project on policy.

Who will support you

You will have two primary contacts from the Sciencewise team – a Dialogue and Engagement Specialist and a Project Liaison Manager.

An experienced Dialogue and Engagement Specialist (DES) works closely with the lead government body during the early stages of a project, ensuring that it starts on a strong footing.

Once a dialogue delivery contractor has been appointed, the DES will monitor progress and remain a sounding board for the lead government department.

We are proud our team includes are some of the UK’s leading dialogue and engagement practitioners. See who they are here.

The project liaison manager is your day-to-day contact on administrative matters relating to a Sciencewise funded project.

They will ensure all paperwork and finances are in place at the start of a project, guide the lead organisation through the procurement of contractors, and monitor project progress against agreed milestones.

Project liaison managers are Sciencewise team members based at UK Research and Innovation.

“The Sciencewise dialogue and engagement expert (DES) was very helpful giving clear advice and very responsive…It has been a very productive relationship…” Commissioning body