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Our priority themes

We develop projects in policy areas that are of strategic importance for UK Research and Innovation, the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, and wider government.

Our current priority themes are the four UK Government’s Industrial Strategy Grand Challenges, and  genomics and genome editing.

Our priority themes.

  • Artificial intelligence and data

  • Future of mobility

  • Ageing society

  • Clean growth

  • Genomics and genome editing

The Grand Challenges are areas of innovation where the UK aspires to play a leading role in the global technological revolution to bring benefits to the economy and society.

By listening carefully to the public’s concerns and aspirations, policy makers can develop strategies to drive the Grand Challenges that will measure up to public aspirations and address public concerns.

Sciencewise supports the delivery of the Industrial Strategy by helping policy makers to develop deliberative dialogue projects that investigate the public’s views on policy options relating to the Grand Challenges.

We also organise roundtable discussions with researchers, policy makers and other stakeholders working at the cutting edge of our priority themes. These help us to identify specific policy areas that will benefit from public dialogue and to identify the specific topics on which public views will matter.

If you are a policy maker or researcher with an interest in our priority themes – or there are other areas of science and technology you think would benefit from public dialogue – get in touch with Simon Burall at simonburall@sciencewise.org.uk

“Hearing members of the public deliberate was such a highlight at the events, it really got me thinking about how people relate to the
issues. Policy leads often don’t get the chance to speak enough to the end users of our policies.”

Policy maker, Talking Wellbeing Dialogue

Examples of projects in our priority areas

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