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What we are up to

We are currently developing and supporting dialogue projects on rapidly emerging areas of science and technology, such as autonomous vehicles, the use of data and genomic medicine.

Find out more about these projects below.

Genomic medicine public dialogue report published

A Genomics England public dialogue, co-funded by Sciencewise, has published its final report. The dialogue explored public aspirations, concerns, and expectations about the development of [...]

Public dialogue on genomic medicine begins

Genomics England is beginning a dialogue, with support from Sciencewise, to explore public aspirations, concerns and expectations about the development of genomics and genomic medicine [...]

New Sciencewise case studies available

Sciencewise has completed over 50 major national public dialogue projects and case studies are available on all of them. Here are some of our most [...]

Genome Editing Literature Review Published

Genomics England, and Ipsos MORI have published a literature review which summarises gaps in our knowledge about public attitudes to genomics and recommends areas for [...]

Cross-cutting data issues and the public

Advances in data science are transforming society. They have the potential to significantly improve the lives of all citizens through, for example, the more effective [...]

Genome editing and public engagement

Genome editing involves the deliberate alteration of DNA in a living cell.  Genome editing techniques can be used to add, remove, or alter a selected [...]