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What we are up to

We are currently developing and supporting dialogue projects on rapidly emerging areas of science and technology, such as autonomous vehicles, the use of data and genomic medicine.

Find out more about these projects below.

The view from a regulator in a public dialogue process

Sciencewise is grateful to Matthew Rice, Senior Policy Officer Innovation at the Information Commissioner’s Office, for this blog reflecting on his role on the Oversight Group [...]

  • An imagined future city scape

Future flight technologies

Landmark public dialogue and new funding give the public a real stake in the future development and regulation of emerging aviation technology in the UK. [...]

Biomass & BECCS public dialogue

In March 2022 the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS) and its partners (Sciencewise and UKRI) commissioned a public dialogue to explore public [...]

Sciencewise learning webinar

In April 2022 Sciencewise held a webinar: Public Dialogue and the Policy Cycle - a learning webinar from UKRI's Sciencewise Programme. Attendees were able to [...]

Telling the story of a genomics dialogue

Author: Simon Wilde, Engagement Director at Genomics England Genomics England’s second foray into Sciencewise-funded public dialogue is now complete.  The result is a fascinating and [...]

Public Dialogue on Location Data

The Geospatial Commission  have partnered with the Ada Lovelace Institute and Traverse to carry out a Sciencewise-supported public dialogue on the ethics of location [...]

2020 Sciencewise Review published

Sciencewise is the UK’s exemplar programme for developing robust, qualitative evidence about the public’s views on policy involving science and technology. That hasn’t changed since [...]