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Project Description

Project summary

The National DNA Database (NDNAD) stores over four million samples of DNA. The number of samples has greatly increased since 2001 when the law was amended to allow DNA profiles to be stored from people who were arrested or questioned in connection to a crime, even if they were not later convicted.

Between December 2007 and July 2008 the Human Genetics Commission (HGC), with the support of Sciencewise, commissioned a Citizens’ Inquiry to explore public views of the ethical acceptability and desirability of the growth of NDNAD.

30 public participants took part in the Citizens’ Inquiry, which was delivered by Vis-à-Vis Research Ltd. Leeds Metropolitan University provided independent evaluation of the process.

The Citizens’ Inquiry provided HGC with recommendations from the public on future NDNAD policy development. This informed the advice HGC gave to the UK Government on NDNAD.