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Project Description

Project summary

As scientific understanding of the human genome advances, the possibilities of applying this to areas such as genomic medicine increase. Genomic medicine uses knowledge about a person’s genetic information to guide and improve their healthcare. Whilst offering major potential benefits, the use of genomic medicine also could raises certain challenges around the use and ownership of an individual’s genomic data.

From July 2018 – May 2019 Genomics England ran a public dialogue, with support from Sciencewise, which explored public attitudes to mainstreaming genomic medicine into the NHS. The dialogue explored how this could be achieved, and received praise from the Chief Medical Officer, Dame Sally Davies, as a valuable and timely report.

The dialogue brought together 97 members of the public and thirty experts in a series of reconvened workshops in Coventry, Edinburgh, Leeds and London.

The dialogue contractor was Ipsos MORI and the evaluator was Ursus Consulting Ltd.

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