Webinar: Opportunities for public dialogue in a time of Covid-19 in the Health and Social Care sector

Sciencewise is hosting a webinar for Patient and Public Involvement and Public Engagement Leads exploring the opportunities in the Health and Social Care sector for public dialogue in a time of Covid-19.

Date: 29 July, 2020 

Time:  12:30-13:15 followed by optional one to one consultation slots  

Hosted by:  Patrick Middleton, Deputy Director, Communications and Engagement, UKRI  

Speakers:  Simon Burall, Programme Director, Sciencewise

Diane Beddoes, Senior Dialogue & Engagement Specialist, Lead Evaluator, Sciencewise

To register for a place please complete the form or email [email protected]We will use Zoom for the session and will email instructions and links no later than 3 days before the event. If you will be joining by phone or have access requirements please notify us as soon as possible. 

The Covid-19 crisis has required governments around the world to react at unprecedented speed, focusing on protecting people’s health and the integrity of health systems. It has changed the familiar world of work and daily life, had an immense impact upon the economy, and brought many issues within the Health and Social Care sector sharper social focus, from vaccine development to track and trace, from transformation of health services to wider social inequalities in both provision and outcome. 

In this rapidly evolving situation it is essential that policy makers have high quality, in-depth understanding about public values and priorities, and the reasons behind them. 

This webinar is an opportunity for people within the H&SC sector responsible for patient and public involvement and public engagement to hear from Sciencewise and explore: 

  • How the current situation makes public dialogue crucial to developing policies and plans; 
  • How to plan for public dialogue during and emerging from a pandemic and what options are available for taking public dialogue online; 
  • How Sciencewise can support public bodies in thinking through the role of, and how to carry out public dialogue, including match funding. 

Covid-19 presents policy makers with decisions to take in the midst of uncertainty. Some are directly related to the pandemic; elsewhere the pandemic’s ramifications have necessitated the revision of existing plans or creation of new ones. Policy decisions that do not take public voices into account are inherently more risky and difficult to implement. 

Short presentations will be followed by a Q&A opportunity.  In addition there will be optional bookable time to explore particular topics individually straight afterwards or at a time of your convenience.