//How Sciencewise can help with public dialogue during the covid-19 lockdown

How Sciencewise can help with public dialogue during the covid-19 lockdown

Covid 19 has forced us all to think differently about our working practices.  As a country, we are now starting to think about how best to relax some of the measures taken to manage the spread of the virus and what sort of world the “new normal” will be.

At Sciencewise, the pandemic has accelerated our work on online engagement and we have been exploring how best to use online tools in dialogue.  We think that understanding public perspectives on the choices and trade-offs we will be faced with is vital to developing socially informed policy that will include the views and priorities of citizens.

We have useful experience of using online tools on which to draw, including a project for Global Food Security, involving a year-long online panel and online discussion between the public and policymakers as part of the Decarbonising Heat Sounding Board.  To build our knowledge and ensure our support for commissioners is the best possible, we are drawing on our own experience, that of contractors on our framework and the expertise of a wider network of dialogue practitioners.

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To find out more about how an online Sciencewise dialogue might work for you please contact simonburall@sciencewise.org.uk.